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1.  How does the Apple Watch wireless charging work?

The Apple Watch charging is based on what is called magnetic induction.  Energy is transmitted from the transmitter coil to the receiver coil via an electromagnetic field without the use of a physical connection.


2. How many Watch charges can I get out of a fully-charged qCharge? 

A fully-charged qCharge will charge a drained Apple Watch up to 2x.

3. How much time does the qCharge need to recharge? 

The qCharge recharges more quickly and more efficiently than any other product of its type, making it ideal for on-the-go Watch charging.

With the built-in 1400mAh battery and 2.4A USB power (included in the Complete Package), the full battery charging can be completed in less than 40 minutes.

4. Does the qCharge work with all models of Apple Watches? 

The qCharge is compatible with all Apple Watches Series including the latest Series 3.

5. Will the qCharge be MFi certified? 

Our product plan was approved by Apple in November 2016.  Currently, we are working on the remaining steps for the final MFi certification: Self-Certification submission and final Product Plan approval.  We expect to be able to complete these steps before shipping in May 2018.

6. How do I know the qCharge is technologically sound? 

We have decades of experience in developing advanced electronic systems and the qCharge will be built by an Apple MFI certified manufacturer.

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